Welcome to the iFish Data Portal

I Fish Data Portal Update - 12/20/2019


  • Browser Settings: Sometimes it's helpful when our browsers remember things, and sometimes it's not!
    For data entry, your browser my remember recently selected items, and the dropdowns of remembered items may cover up fields you're trying to access.

    Please note that this is a browser setting and has nothing to do with the data portal app. Users can adjust browser settings to not show recent form field options, or just hit escape to remove the recent list. Check your settings and see if you can adjust this!

    If you just want to avoid the autocomplete getting in the way of the date picker or any other field, autocompletes can be closed by hitting the escape button.

What’s New with the Portal:

Since our last update, we have added a real time status report on items we are working on, which you can view anytime here or by accessing via the "Report a Bug" menu.

What We Are Working On:

Three high priority items we are working on:

  • Modifying and testing adjustments to the data export scripts to improve compatibility with METRICS and FISHTAB
  • Clean-up of streams station codes so that coordinates and IBI data will export properly, station code duplications are eliminated, and duplicate entries for the same code are consolidated
  • Importing additional legacy data files
  • A variety of other minor adjustments – see the online status report linked above!

As always, if you have questions, please contact Vic Santucci at IDNR or Jeff Stein/Kim Stanhope/Tommie McNamara at INHS. If you have a bug to report with the system, please click on the "Report a Bug" menu item. These are monitored daily.


Most of us at INHS, and we hope most of you, will be enjoying some well-earned time off for the holidays. INHS staff will be out of the office starting Monday December 23. We will return to full service on Monday, January 6th. Happy Holidays!