Welcome to the iFish Data Portal


Starting today, please use this system for all data entry on both the hatchery and field staff side. For hatchery/stocking data, please discontinue using the Hatchery Information Management System HIMS (http://imperialis.inhs.illinois.edu/fishstocking/) immediately. For fish sampling data normally managed by METRICS, please discontinue any data entry into the METRICS format and begin utilizing the new I Fish Data Portal. Support for both HIMS and METRICS (for data entry) will cease going forward.

[Note: METRICS/Fishtab may still be used for analysis, using data files exported from the new Data Portal.]

While data entry and data export from the I Fish Data Portal are fully functional, there are several data imports and clean up tasks remaining. However, these additional tasks do not affect your ability to safely and securely enter data into the new system. Rather than delay release while imports are completed and records are cleaned and verified, use of the Portal for data entry only is advised at this time.

We will update you when you can begin using the data reporting feature. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please contact Vic Satucci at IDNR or Jeff Stein/Kim Stanhope/Tommie McNamara at INHS.

If you have a bug to report with the system, please click on the "Report a Bug" menu item. These are monitored daily.