iFish Data Portal

What's New
  • Save often. We do not have auto-save at this time and so you should be saving after every few entries, especially if your internet is not consistent.
  • If you have a question or need something ASAP, please call or email Kim (217-300-4024)! You do not have to submit a bug report for simple clarification or help with a specific problem.
  • If you have a bug to report with the system, please click on the "Report a Bug" menu item. These are monitored daily.
  • Be very specific in your bug reports. For example, if you’re reporting that you created a sample and something happened, we need to know specifics: the waterbody, the date, the site visit. We try to recreate exactly what happened and we also search the database to find the record with the issue. We can’t do that without all the information.
  • As always, if you have questions, please contact Vic Santucci at IDNR or Sarah King/Kim Stanhope/Tommie McNamara at INHS.

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